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Stay healthy, friends!


"It's like ambrosia from the heavens - only healthier! One bite and you are under its spell, until suddenly, it's gone."

~Pete H.

Crazy Good Almond Granola

Almonds, hazelnuts, butterscotch, and honey are baked together with gluten free oats to create our unique taste.

Crazy but not Nuts Granola

Fresh pumpkin seeds, stone ground hempseed, and golden flax seeds replace the nuts in our original recipe. It's still crazy good, but not nuts.

Our granola is made by hand in micro-batches with

simple, wholesome ingredients.

Our Commitment to Gluten Free

Our granola recipe was born out of a recipe to serve CoolMama's own family. Her husband, kids, and in-laws are either Celiac or gluten sensitive. All products are made in a gluten free kitchen so that cross contamination is never an issue.